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Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is a handsome and rugged guy that is playful and loving. He will rub against you like a cat and lick you and nibble at your fingers and face. He still has alot of puppy behaviors, BUT he is worth the effort that you put into him. He would be a great participant in an obedience class as he is smart and a bit of a clown! He is a 'blue' chihuahua that has blonde fur. So his uderpigment is blue and he is blonde which make him a very interesting looking guy. He has beautiful amber eyes!. He is a real sweetheart. Loves his people. Better suited for a house with a yard and a family with no small kids if any children at all.


Even though I am a super size Chihuahua I have lots of love to give. I am a little shy when I meet strangers but warm up very quickly. I was crated most of my life and have not had much socializing. I love to go for walks and car rides. I am doing very well on my housetraining.

Ashton Kutcher

I have gorgeous brown eyes and all the girls love me, and I am a non-stop action kind of guy. But I do sit still to be petted and loved. I am very good in the house and in my crate but I need myexercise and I LOVE car rides. Please think about taking me into your home and will LOVE you forever!

Anderson Cooper

I look serious with my white hair and serious eyes, but I have a devilish personality and I LOVE to have FUN!!! I have a good buddy, Ashton and we play ALL the time until we just collapse, then we cuddle in the crate or in our foster mom's lap, (to get a belly rub!), then after a little snooze we're ready to go again. I love to go on walks and rides in the car. I am a very good boy in the house and on the leash. I love my treats and I'm learning to sit. I think obedience classes would be really neat!

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Chihuahua Rescue Indiana is dedicated to serving the community and animals, for the betterment of all lives. We are always looking for foster homes and volunteers to help with the animals and adoption events.

Not ready to adopt, but love animals?  We can save more lives if we have foster homes where the animals can stay until they are ready for adoption.  By opening your home to a homeless pet, you are helping save many more lives than just that one.

We feel all animals deserve a second chance and we will do our best to rehabilitate dogs that have behavioral problems and even aggression.  We care for our animals until we find the perfect home, and always take them back if circumstances change for our adopters.

We do screen our applicants carefully to ensure both animal and family are finding the perfect match.  We also believe in a foster-to-adopt program for some animals, to make certain the match is perfect.