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Xena (Zara)

"A mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle!"


I really am a tiny warrior princess, and I won't let you forget it! I was released by my first people because of a badly injured leg. When the nice rescue people took me in, they thought I was going to become a three-legged pup. But Dr. Lee worked his magic, re-breaking my seven week old break, and grafting bone from my shoulder. Now my casts are all off and I'm learning to run and play with all four paws!

Because I spent so much time in pain before anyone helped me, I can be a little cranky and nippy (but I never bite hard! Just enough to let you know I'm scared). As tough as I act, though, my favorite things to do are cuddle in warm laps and crawl inside sweaters or jackets to stay close to my people (and their body heat!). I would love to be an only child, especially since I'm only 4 pounds which makes me a little fragile, but maybe the right family can coax me out of my warrior shell!


Chihuahua Rescue says: Xena is a very little gal, she tends to be protective of her space and for that reason must go to a home that is knowledgeable about pets that are small and protective of their space. She would not be adopted to a home where small children are around unsupervised, as she is quite fragile. She will need protection and an understanding adult home. She must be kept off of tall items, even though she "thinks" she can fly, this is not wise, she doesn't need another fracture to contend with. 

Xena is spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, microchipped. She is young and learning about house training, She needs a very loving and understanding home and she will be a wonderful little gal with tons of love to share. Xena is about 4lbs and less than a year old. Her adoption fee is $350.


For more information, please contact Adoptions.


Chihuahua Rescue Indiana fosters dogs throughout the entire state. To see an immediate list of the dogs available please visit our Rescue Page on Adopt-A-Pet. to see more of our dogs. Chihuahua Rescue Indiana Inc. is a non profit, all volunteer rescue working with Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes. The pets are housed in individual volunteer foster homes, not kennels or shelters until they are adopted permanently. We get to know our animals and therefore can tell the potential adopter what the traits of the animal are and what home would be the best for the pet. We are dedicated to the adoption, education, rescue and transportation of the Chihuahua breed. All dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and micro-chipped. Puppies under 6 months old may not be spayed/neutered. FINISH

To complete an online application: Click here.

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