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Accepting Applications for Fosters and Volunteers!
Look under "How Can You Help?"

Chihuahua Rescue Indiana is dedicated to serving the community and animals, for the betterment of all lives. We are always looking for foster homes and volunteers to help with the animals and adoption events.

Not ready to adopt, but love animals?  We can save more lives if we have foster homes where the animals can stay until they are ready for adoption.  By opening your home to a homeless pet, you are helping save many more lives than just that one.

We feel all animals deserve a second chance and we will do our best to rehabilitate dogs that have behavioral problems and even aggression.  We care for our animals until we find the perfect home, and always take them back if circumstances change for our adopters.

We do screen our applicants carefully to ensure both animal and family are finding the perfect match.  We also believe in a foster-to-adopt program for some animals, to make certain the match is perfect.

Girl of the Week

Roxie is a sweet, fun, high energy dog who needs an experienced adopter. She has some behavioral issues that need a kind, caring, patient person to work with her. She does ok with other dogs but tends to get bossy with them so she may enjoy being an only dog where she can get all the attention. She loves to run outside so a fenced yard would be best. She would do best without cats in the home.

hot dog_edited.jpg
Boy of the Week

Meet Finnegan he is your typical Chi, small and full of attitude, 4.4 lbs to be exact. His ideal home does not include children, but he loves dogs and think cats are okay too.  It does take me a while to warm up to new individuals and situations. He will need an experienced owner that is familiar with 'little dog syndrome." He is working on house-training; which should improved since he was just neutered. Once he finds his person he will be a great love bug.

Senior of the Week

Kingston was rescued from a shelter due to owner incapacity. When we took him into our rescue he spent 4 days in ICU. He is better now and a typical chi!!!!! He loves one person and is quite snarky!!!  He is also quite timid but once he warms up to that special person, he is a lover!!!

Bonded Pair of the Week

Meet Hector and Jairo, aka Taco and Nacho. They were found running in running around in strange neighborhood. They like to cuddle and play with each other. They also do well with their foster siblings. We are both neutered and house-trained. We are also good with kids.

Puppy of the Week

Winnie came to rescue with a diagnosis of pulled tail syndrome, and with examination by a neurologist, the previous traumatic injury was discovered. Then her tail was removed and now that the area is healing, it makes the cleaning of her backside much easier and when she must wear a diaper its easier to put and keep on. We have been able to set up a kennel that allows her to keep her kennel area clean, because she can't control her bowel movements. Overall she is not a difficult dog to care for, she is a pretty normal acting puppy. House training will not be a thing for her but whomever adopts Winnie MUST be 100% committed to her care and hygiene. Some of her habits might improve but there is no guarantee. None of this should affect her longevity so again this is a long haul situation. Winnie is sweet and fun and totally worth it.

Upcoming Events

3rd Annual Yoda the Teacup Chi 5K
September 4, 2021 @ 9am, Avon Town Hall

Specks @ Avon
September 11, 2021 @ 11am-2pm

Petsmart @ Greenwood