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Donate to the Chihuahua Rescue Indiana

Our Wish List

Can you help with these items? Even small donations help a lot!

  1. Small Dog Food

  2. Dog Pens, Panels, Kennels, Crates

  3. Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventatives

  4. Toy and Small collars and harnesses

  5. 1/2" wide x 4-6 foot long dog leashes

  6. Small pet beds

  7. Paper towels

  8. Pee Pads

  9. Tiny, healthy dog treats, like Fruitables or Zukes Mini Naturals, etc.

  10. Tough Toys

  11. Belly bands (extra small and small)

  12. Small bowls

  13. Gift cards

  14. Storage Tubs for dog food

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