We live in the small Indiana town of Corydon and almost 2 ago we heard of a small Chihuahua running around our town as a stray. Many people we knew, who worked in the local restaurants downtown, saw her and tried to feed her but with no luck. One night my girlfriend and I decided we would try to find her and rescue her. We found her and after about an hour of her running from us we unfortunately had to give up. About 2-3 weeks went by and no luck catching her. Then one night a friend of ours, who worked at a local eatery, called and said they had lured her close with food and was able to catch her. They wanted us to pick her because they knew we could help her since my girlfriend works at a vet clinic. She was wet, scared, and hungry but friendly so we took her home. After a trip to the vet, some rest time, and getting used to other dogs (we had 4 Chihuahuas) she was ready for a new home. I had a friend who lived in the neighborhood the Chihuahua was caught in and I trusted her due to her having other dogs already, so I gave her the Chihuahua. That night the Chihuahua apparently escaped and my friend asked me to catch it for her. So around 1:30 in the morning, I’m walking around our town yelling for her, thinking “I couldn’t catch her before she won’t come to me now.” Just about that time, I hear little claws hitting the pavement and there she was. I knelt down and she jumped right in my lap, what a relief! Sadly the woman I gave her to didn’t bother to ask about her for a couple of weeks, so I knew she wasn’t going back to her. So I put her on the website to find her a home. After about a day, someone did call and asked about her and said they would talk to their wife about her. When they called back, she was in my lap just looking at me and I knew I couldn’t answer the phone because the look she gave me was too sad. It was at that time I knew she was meant to stay with us (in the voicemail they wanted her). Chloe’s story of becoming a stray was a sad one as well. She lived in a halfway house with an older lady, who had dementia, that used to drag her around the neighborhood by a leash. Unfortunately one day she let her out and forgot about her. Through friends we were able to track down the lady and her son. The son informed us the lady was now in an assisted living facility and didn’t remember having a dog. He offered to take Chloe and take her to the shelter if we wanted. We laughed and said “No, she’s our dog now.” You would really never believe she was a stray. She has so much love to give and gets along great with all our other Chihuahuas. She will always have a home here and we wouldn’t have it any other way! -Patrick

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