In October 2014, I was looking on Facebook and happen to see a post from the Chihuahua Indiana Rescue about two dogs, Olive and Elmer, who were needing fosters or homes. The picture of Olive was of her in a pink doggy robe, I instantly fell in love! We weren’t at all looking for another dog but I knew I had to have her. At the time they wanted both dogs to go together. My female chihuahua doesn’t like male dogs so sadly I had to say no. I never stopped thinking about Olive though. Fast forward to December of 2014, I see the same picture get reposted because she still needs a home. This time it is just her. I hurried and contacted my husband at work and told him she could count as all the gifts he would get me all year. He loves chihuahuas and of course said yes, as long as our dog got along with her. So on Dec 12, 2014 I picked her up from her foster. She immediately became a part of our family. Our other dog gave her kisses as soon as she got here. Olive has attached herself to our 3 kids and is living a very spoiled life. She is definitely a mommy’s girl and follows me all around the house. I haven’t loved a dog like this since my childhood dog. She is the perfect little chubby curly-tailed edition to our family. The picture of Olive in the pink robe is the one the rescue posted and the reason I fell in love with her. All I had seen was that picture. I didn't meet her until I brought her home. It definitely was fate. -Jennifer

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