Taffy and Chloe

Back in March or April, I was looking online at some Chihuahuas that needed new humans to love and I saw “Taffy” and showed her picture to my husband. He said, “You better check on her or she will be gone.” So I sent an email as the website directed and waited. In the meantime, I saw another little Chichi named “Chloe” and also sent sent out an email to ask about her. Long story short, we couldn’t say not to either of them! Once we met them we were smitten!! I thought my husband would only allow us to have one of them but he was the one who couldn’t say no, so we got exactly what I wanted! It has been wonderful having two sweet pups in the house! My grandson said it felt more like a home with them there and I couldn’t have said it better myself!! -Kathy and Greg

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