Taz 2 or Tazwell was surrendered to Chihuahua Rescue at an Adoption Event at the Pet Supplies Plus in Broad Ripple in June 2014. He was very tiny, about 4 lbs. He’d been with the lady since puppyhood but she said she couldn’t care for him anymore. Unfortunately, he had fallen off the kitchen counter a year or so earlier and broken his left front leg near the wrist. He was not taken to the vet right away and when he finally was his broken leg didn’t heal correctly. Essentially the bone didn’t harden enough where the leg had been broken, a common complication in Chihuahuas, so he had an extra bend in his leg. Chihuahua Rescue got his shots brought up to date, his teeth cleaned, and took him to one of our vets that offers laser therapy for stimulating bone growth. That therapy was spread out over 8 weeks and did make the bone stronger in the affected area. In the meantime, Tazwell went to Adoption Events and found his forever family who took him home in September 2014. He lives with his human mom and dad and two feline fur sisters, who weren’t entirely sure he was a good idea at first. He’s since won them over and couldn’t be happier in his new home. The picture of just Taz with no sweater is his before picture. The other 3 are after he was adopted.

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