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MY SECRET LIFE AS AN EXPAT PET: Hi Guys, my name is Tippy. My name was given to me by my first owner living somewhere in Indy. Tippy is not an everyday, boring name so my new parents kept it. Where should I begin my fascinating story?! My Mom wanted to have a dog, an “unconditional love” buddy to help her depression. She was quite unhappy about giving up her life in Hungary, Europe and moving to Indianapolis. My Dad was like “Why do we need a dog?” but my Mom kept nagging and succeeded. She found my photo on and it was love at first sight. She called Chihuahua Rescue Indiana and organized a visit for the next day. (By the way, DNA testing revealed that I am a Pomeranian-Affenpinscher mix). At our first meeting I knew I had to convince my future Dad so I behaved like a real lapdog. It worked! Three days later I was in my new home in Broad Ripple. At first, my Dad wanted to keep strict rules but little by little I melted his heart. We went to dog school as well and I was an excellent student. I would do anything for food, except not bark at big non-neutered male dogs! The next summer we flew to Hungary for vacation. I could stay in the cabin for the 10 hour flight in my travel bag because of my small size. Mom was with me the whole way so I was calm and slept peacefully. The summer in Hungary was great: I was spoiled by my granny, swam in Lake Balaton, and I was free to run on the fields. Then Dad got a new job offer in Istanbul, Turkey and I never returned to my home in Broad Ripple. Thankfully, my parents found a green, dog friendly neighborhood to live. Istanbul is full of huge street dogs and I had to let them know who was boss. Mom kept me safe avoiding the self-generated conflicts. By the time I learned how to be a “good doggy” with the “street fighters,” we left Istanbul. We moved to my new home in Geneva, Switzerland. I really love this place! It is green, calm, and they accept dogs as real members of the human society. I go to shopping malls, restaurants, hair dressers, beaches, and hotels, everywhere I ever could want to go, except for grocery stores of course. This past October 16th was my 3rd re-birthday as an Expat dog. I’ve lived in 3 different cities on 3 different continents. I’ve traveled to Europe, I have an European Union Passport, and I am a registered Swiss dog-citizen. My parents love me to the Moon and back and I am happy to share such an adventurous life with them. Hopefully for many more years. Love, Tippy Janosdeak. P.S. You can follow my adventures on Instagram @Tippy_expet

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